Asbestos Removal and Remediation

Asbestos was once common in domestic construction, but has long since been found to have damaging health effects on your family’s health. If you have even small traces of asbestos in your home, it needs to be addressed by a professional quickly as possible. When dealing with asbestos, you have two options, remediation & removal and abatement.

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What is Asbestos Abatement?

Asbestos abatement means encasing or encapsulating instances of asbestos in your home. While encapsulation means that the asbestos stays in your property, at least it is unable to damage the health of your loved ones.

What is Asbestos Removal & Remediation?

The alternative involves removing either the asbestos (removal) not just the asbestos the infrastructure problem completely to eliminate risks (remediation). Whether you require remediation or abatement depends on how much asbestos is present in your home and where it is located. Both abatement and remediation need to be carried out by EPA certified contractors.

Why is Asbestos Dangerous In Your Home?

Asbestos easily crumbles into a dust which can be highly damaging when it enters the lungs. It can cause scarring to the lung tissue resulting in a condition called asbestosis. This can result in shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. In advances stages, asbestosis can also cause cardiac issues. It can also increase the risk of serious illnesses like lung cancer. Children in your home are particularly vulnerable to asbestosis as their lungs are still developing.

Why Do You Need Asbestos Remediation?

Depending on the amount of asbestos present in your home, abatement may simply not be feasible. In this case, you will need complete asbestos remediation to remove all traces of this harmful substance from your home.

How Long Will The Remediation Take?

This can vary depending on the presence and density of asbestos fibers in your home. In most cases, however, remediation can be carried out between 1 and 5 days.

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