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When should you call a restoration company to remediate?

Sometimes, though, bath and sink overflows don’t do their jobs. Blockages or high water pressure can mean that the sink or bath water spills all over the floor.

Water can cause substantial damage to your property. A small amount of water you can clear up yourself. However, if you’ve been on vacation for two weeks with water overflowing for the entire time, then you can have severe flooding on your hands.

You should call for water restoration services if:

  • You did not witness the water overflow yourself
  • You have swollen walls which have taken up water
  • You have floor damage or wood floor buckling
  • There are signs of mold
  • You suspect structural damage to your home
  • You’re unable to remove water by hand
What steps are taken to fix sink & bathtub overflow?

What steps are generally taken to fix the issues?

The job of sink overflow restoration companies is to ensure that your home returns to working order after sink overflow and bath overflow.

The first step is to prevent any additional water from overflowing into your home. This could involve turning off the master water stop coque.

The second step is to remove excess free water from the home. Removing the water is crucial to ensure that your home remains livable.

Other steps include:

  • Ensuring that the structural integrity of walls or floors is not compromised
  • Ensuring electrical safety
  • Preventing the establishment of mold and removing any existing buildup

How much damage could happen if a sink or bathtub overflows?

The damage caused by a sink or bath overflow can be severe and dangerous, which is why you should use restoration services.

Sink or bath overflow can:

  • Cause water to leak into rooms below
  • Force the ceiling to collapse
  • Lead to the growth of allergenic mold and mildew on the surface of walls and within them
  • Exacerbate existing weaknesses in your home
  • Weaken floor joints

Most sinks and baths in modern homes have an overflow. The overflow comes in the form of a small opening near the maximum water level and connects to the draining system.

You might be surprised to find out that a sink or bath overflow has two purposes. The first is to prevent the sink or bath from overflowing onto your floors if somebody leaves the faucet open by accident. Water pours into the sink or bathtub, reaches the maximum fill level, and then drains out via the overflow - a simple solution to an otherwise costly problem.

The second purpose is to improve the draining speed of the sink or bath. When you pull the plug out, and the water drains away, it takes up space in the pipes below. It displaces the air in those pipes, filling the void. If you didn’t have the overflow, there would be nowhere for the air to go other than back up through the water stream. It’d be like filling a water bottle: time-consuming. With the overflow, the air is free to evacuate pipes at speed: good news for those in a hurry in the morning!

If you have experienced water damage due to your sink overflowing, give Complete Restoration Services a call right away. We have our 24/7 line available to help get you back to normal.

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