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Fire Damage Restoration in Boise

Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire emerges, call Complete Restoration Services in Boise, ID. We offer 24/7 service for immediate emergency response.


Fire Damage Restoration

A house fire can be one of the most devastating events that people can ever go through. Not only is there the inherent danger of the flames as they course through a house, but there is the remaining aftermath. The smoke and soot covering not only the structure but also the belongings inside. Our goal here at Complete Restoration is to work with you as well as your insurance to get you back into your home as quickly as possible.

24/7 Emergency First Responders

The emergency first responders are there to stop the fire from spreading. Which can include broken windows, kicked in doors, and holes in the roof or walls. We work closely with the fire department to make sure that your property is properly secured with our emergency Board Up services. With our 24/7 response, our crews will be there for you so you can be assured that your property is secure. Along with securing your home we will also make sure that you are set up with a place to stay and provide you with emergency supplies to help get you through the first few days.

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Inventory And Packing

We will work your insurance to provide all the necessary estimates and documents needed to get your home back in order. Our pack out crew will use our content tracking system to efficiently inventory all of your belongings as we separate and pack them. We will sort them for the different types of cleaning techniques used. We will work with you and your content adjuster to help determine several factors: Replacement cost vs. Restoration cost; the different effects of the smoke and heat; loss of use or value; any decreased life expectancy; and also the sentimental value of the items. Once all the inventory and packing is done we will transport it all to our warehouse where it will be stored in secured vaults until it is processed for cleaning.

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Content Cleaning And Storage

Once the cleaning process is started all of the delicate items go through a process of a detailed HEPA Vac and hand wipe to restore them without any further damage. Most of the contents are able to go through our state of the art ultrasonic cleaning system, even some appliances and tools! Everything that goes through the ultrasonic process will get a detailed HEPA Vac, presoak to loosen the soot, dipped in the ultrasonic to let the magic happen, then it gets a thorough rinse. Any remaining standing water is the blown off and out of any hiding place with compressed air, then the contents go into a tunnel dryer to remove any other moisture. Once the cleaning process is done every item is quality checked for any odor or damage before it is repacked. All contents are then loaded into clean vaults for storage until the home is repaired and ready for delivery.

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Structure Remediation

As the content cleaning crew is carefully cleaning you belongings, our structure cleaning crew gets right on the remediation process. They will remove all of the affected structure and building materials. The material that can be cleaned and preserved will go through a similar cleaning as you belongings. We do a detailed HEPA Vac of the walls and exposed wall cavities, the subfloors, and ceilings. If the Framing of the structure has some light charring or discoloration we will sand blast it to remove what can be removed. The entire structure will get a deodorization treatment before it is sealed. We seal all exposed lumber and materials so that there is no chance of a lingering odor.

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Material Replacement and Moving

When the home has been fully prepped for repairs we will walk you through the steps of picking out any materials that need replaced, such as flooring or paint colors. As you select the new look for your home our repair crews will put everything back in order. Once the repairs are completed our moving crew will bring your belongings to your fully restored home.

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When disaster strikes, call Complete Restoration Services in Boise, ID. We offer 24/7 service for immediate emergency response.