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What Do You Do When Your Toilet Overflows?

Your toilet could overflow for several reasons. Usually, a blockage of some kind stops water and waste from flushing easily down the toilet drain. When the water and waste can’t go down the drain, it overflows the toilet bowl. Not ideal.

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What Should and Shouldn’t be Flushed

Nine times out of ten, the blockage is caused by flushing something unsuitable down the toilet. A toilet is designed to dispatch water, waste and toilet paper, full stop. Other items such as wet-wipes, sanitary products, diapers or paper towels are likely to cause a blockage. A common blockage location is the s-shaped trap that prevents nasty sewer smells issuing from the toilet bowl into your bathroom. The bend in the trap makes this region of the toilet is susceptible blockages by all the usual culprits. The blockage could also be in your drain pipes. Bends in the pipes are common locations for a build-up of unsuitable material and eventual clogging.

If you notice other drainage issues, like a backed-up sink or gurgling drain, you may have a blockage in the lateral sanitary line. This is the main sewage drain that joins your home plumbing to the municipal sewage system. Those non-flushable items often build up in the lateral sewer line and clog your drainage system over time.

Other common causes of this messy problem are issues with your septic tank and low flow toilets.

Whatever caused your overflowing toilet, unless the mess is cleaned up fast, water damage from toilet water can cause extensive damage to the bathroom floor. Toilet overflow from an upstairs bathroom can even seep through to the ceiling underneath.

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What To Do If You Catch Overflow Right Away

If you witnessed a toilet overflowing in your home, you could clean it up yourself. Your first step is to stop the flow of water. Next, remove as much standing water as possible, and finally clean up the waste. Once you have cleaned up the area, avoid using any plumbing fixtures in your home until you have worked out the source of the blockage. Remember to clean and sanitize every surface in your bathroom to ensure that it is safe to use.

It is vital to note that the water overflowing from your toilet is likely to be contaminated. Wastewater should be cleaned up with due caution as exposure to contaminants poses significant health risks. Be sure to wear gloves and take care not to allow any waste to splash up onto your face. Even if the toilet overflowed while empty of waste, the water could become contaminated if it is not cleaned up promptly.

What To Do If You Don’t Catch The Overflow Right Away

If you did not see the toilet overflowing, wastewater might have soaked through into your floor, vanity unit and even into your walls, causing water damage.

In this situation, it is highly recommended that you call a toilet overflow restoration expert to deal with the problem for you. If the overflow occurred in an upstairs bathroom, you might not immediately see evidence of water soaking into the floor.

However, signs of water damage may take a little while to appear.

If water has indeed seeped through the floor, the ceiling below may need to be replaced. A skilled water restoration team will be able to identify any potential damage caused by the overflow and take the necessary steps to put your bathroom back to normal.

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