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Crawl Space Clean Up Restoration

Crawl spaces are an often neglected part of home maintenance. They are cramped, dark, musky, and dirty and therefore generally avoided, but crawl spaces are prone to experiencing serious problems that can affect your property if not dealt with swiftly. Mold, water, termites, and rotting wood are all problems commonly found in crawl spaces, and in many instances regular maintenance in hand with preventative measures can prevent most problems or at least limit the damages.

crawl space cleanup in boise

Crawl Space Water Intrusion

Water is one of the most common issues encountered with crawl spaces. Water can easily find its way into your crawl space through intrusion caused by heavy rains, poor drainage, or even a sewage backup. If the soil in your crawl space becomes saturated with water, the moisture and vapor can rise, increasing the relative humidity and potentially cause damage to the structure. These issues can lead to mold grow and rot, as well as insect or rodent issues.

Developing A Solution

CRS can help diagnose where the water is coming from and will assist you in developing a solution to stop water from entering your crawl space. Once the source of the water has been addressed, we can work to remove contaminated soils, install a vapor barrier to keep moisture from rising up and protect your crawl space from problems in the future. Contact us today to learn more.

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