Lead Remediation & Abatement in Boise

Lead Remediation & Abatement

Your home is your castle. It’s the one place on Earth where you can feel completely relaxed both alone and in the presence of your family. And like any castle, your home needs to be safe and secure. That’s why you’ve taken steps to ensure that your door locks are strong, your windows are unbreakable, and your roof is unbreachable by unwelcome furred and feathered invaders. Yet, there may be a presence in your house that could seriously damage your health, and the wellbeing of those closest to you. A presence that’s been with you since the day you moved in, and you weren’t even aware of it.

We’re talking about lead.

Like asbestos, lead was once common in domestic construction, but has since been found to have damaging health effects on your family’s health. Especially if you have young children. If you have even small traces of lead in your home, you need a professional to address it as quickly as possible. When disposing of lead, you have two options, lead remediation and lead abatement. Let’s take a look at the two so you can decide which is best for you...

Lead Abatement Services in Boise

What is Lead Abatement?

Lead abatement means removing the problem from the structure or encapsulating so that it can no longer cause harm to you or your family. The contaminated materials are then removed and safely disposed of. The remaining surface is then cleaned to remove traces of lead left over from the removal process.

What is Lead Remediation?

Lead remediation, on the other hand, involves removing the underlying problem completely so that it never happens again.

Whether you require remediation or abatement depends on where the lead is present in your home and in what quantities.

Why is Lead Dangerous In Your Home?

Even small traces of lead in your home can be extremely dangerous, especially to children. In young children it can cause problems with brain development and even lead to brain damage. It can also be very harmful to pregnant women and lead to premature birth. In some cases it can even lead to miscarriages and stillbirths. Infants and young children under the age of 6 can be particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning although it may lead to renal or immune system damage in adults. It can also induce high blood pressure, severe headaches, abdominal pain, mood swings, joint and muscle pain and problems with memory and concentration.

Why Do You Need Lead Remediation?

Lead remediation not only removes all traces of lead but underlying problems which could facilitate or hasten lead poisoning. While an expert will be able to advise you on whether remediation or abatement is best for you, in many cases remediation is the most effective long term strategy.

How Long Will The Remediation Take?

This can vary enormously depending on the type and extent of lead in your home. Removal of lead paint, for example, and the removal of lead piping in your plumbing infrastructure will require different timeframes. In the majority of cases we are able to carry out complete lead remediation within 5 days.

If you’re worried about the possibility of lead in your home get in touch with our friendly and experienced team. We have the knowledge and expertise to Get You Back To Normal.

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