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Water Damage Restoration in Boise

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Water and Flood Restoration

When a water or flood disaster strikes, call Complete Restoration Services in Boise, ID. We offer 24/7 service for immediate emergency response.


Water and Flood Damage Restoration

Have you ever walked into your house and realized you have water damage in your home? Water damage accompanies almost every type of disaster. Floods, sewage backup, earthquakes, and even house fires mean water in your house where it shouldn't be. More commonly, a broken pipe or cracked washing machine hose can destroy a room in just hours.

When water invades your space, Complete Restoration Services has you covered. We provide comprehensive flood damage restoration for homes in Boise, Garden City, Hidden Springs, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Middleton, Emmett, Nampa, Treasure Valley, McCall, Greater McCall Area, Donnelly, Cascade, Horseshoe Bend and throughout Treasure Valley.

At Complete Restoration Services, we don't just air out your carpets and leave. To make the restoration process as easy for you as possible, we take care of every aspect.

If your water damage creates mold, we offer mold removal services. If you need help with your insurance claim, we have several former insurance specialists on hand to help.

After we finish the initial water removal, we also handle the complete rebuilding and beautification of your Boise area home. We'll make your house look like it was never damaged. We'll also help you prevent water damage from happening again.

Types of Water Damage

  • Frozen/Broken Pipes
  • Ice and Snow Damage
  • Storm/Flood Water
  • Sprinkler System Failures
  • Water from Fire Department
  • Roof Leakage
  • Foundation Leakage
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Sink Overflow
  • Sewer Backup

Expert Water Restoration

With flood damage, speed is essential. Water can do more harm the longer it soaks into carpet, walls, and furniture. Since your house might be uninhabitable until repairs are complete, fast service also means less time out of your home while the restoration team works.

Complete Restoration Services has faster average repair times than competitors in the Boise area. Our disaster repair certified technicians work quickly to restore your home.

The Water Damage Process

From the moment we answer your call, your needs become our immediate priority. With response teams always on-call, CRS will be able to arrive to your location in a timely manner. Our crew will arrive in a vehicle that is prepared to handle any emergency flooding situation. We will use state of the art moisture detection equipment to determine what materials have been affected, the level of saturation and to locate all of the areas that have been impacted. Once we accurately identify the extent of damage, we will fully explain the restoration process to you, addressing and answering any questions you may have along the way.

Extraction, Evaporation And Dehumidification

We understand that you are in the middle of a situation that you have probably never been in before and it seems very overwhelming. Our certified technicians will take care while working in your home and work efficiently to minimize the damages. The water will be vacated from your home by using extraction, evaporation and dehumidification actions during the dry down phase.

The Drying Process

We will be utilizing different styles of drying equipment including dehumidifiers, high velocity air movers, air filters and heaters. This equipment will help create the most efficient environment to dry your home and get you back to normal as soon as possible. We would like to tell you that you won’t even notice our equipment while it’s running, but that is definitely untrue! The equipment will be noisy and likely raise the temperature to uncomfortable levels for you. Our technicians will route the equipment power cords according to electrical power requirements, but if power is lost, we ask that you call us immediately, no matter the time of day. We will return daily to monitor the drying progress and to adjust the equipment.

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Maintaining Open Communication

During the drying process, which will likely last between three and five days, you will meet several individuals from CRS who will handle different aspects of the restoration process. We aim to be a helpful resource to you during this stressful event. We will always maintain open communication with you, including phone calls prior to visit arrivals, emails with important information and will always be available by phone for any questions. Whether you live in Boise, Nampa, or out in the farm lands of Southern Idaho, CRS has you covered.

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Providing Residential & Commercial Disaster Relief in Boise, Garden City, Hidden Springs, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Middleton, Emmett, Nampa, Caldwell, McCall, Donnelly, Cascade, Greater McCall Area & Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.

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When disaster strikes, call Complete Restoration Services in Boise, ID. We offer 24/7 service for immediate emergency response.