Water Damage Restoration Nampa

What is wAter Damage
in Nampa, Idaho

Water damage happens when water floods or seeps into an area and causes immense property loss⁠—especially when not dealt with immediately. It happens more commonly than homeowners in Nampa, Idaho may be aware. As experts in water damage restoration, Complete Restoration Services is available 24/7 to protect your family and home from the catastrophic effects of water damage.

Water damage restoration in Nampa, Idaho

What to Do If You Discover Water Damage in Nampa, Idaho

Treat water damage like an emergency. When you have a burst pipe or a basement full of water, immediately turn off the electricity to the area and shut down the water source. Wet spots in the ceiling can mean that a leak has been causing rot and mold growth for some time. In both cases, you need a water damage restoration professional as quickly as possible.

How Does Water Damage Happen?

There are a variety of ways in which water can damage your home, including:

Forces of Nature

  • Flooded crawlspaces and basements due to torrential downpours in Nampa that approach an inch of rain per hour.
  • High storm winds blow off roof shingles.
  • Heavy snow causing the roof to collapse.
  • Ice dams on the roof due to alternately mild and freezing temperatures.
  • Water intrusion into the basement or crawl space due to excessively high groundwater.

Accidents and Disasters

  • Leaks from a dishwasher, refrigerator water line, water heater, or washing machine.
  • Forgetting to turn the water off or a sink overflow.
  • Clogged and overflowing toilets or a sewer backup.
  • Broken sprinkler lines.
  • Failed plumbing, burst, or leaking pipes.
  • Flooding after firefighters extinguishes a fire.
  • Sprinkler systems in commercial buildings are triggered to prevent a fire from spreading.

First in emergency mitigation is to control the source of the leak. We salvage what can be restored and remove destroyed materials such as sheetrock, carpet, and flooring. The remaining water is removed with wet vacuums, pumps, and dehumidifiers.

We do a loss assessment, take photos, and work directly with your homeowner's insurance company to see what your water damage coverage will protect. We sanitize and disinfect the area, applying products to deodorize and prevent mold. We steam clean your furniture and professionally clean your valuables. Our Nampa, Idaho construction team can help rebuild and restore structural damage.

Call the Water Damage Restoration Professionals

You probably don't have the safety equipment or knowledge to attempt the water mitigation yourself. Your health is at risk when dealing with black mold. Where there is structural damage, you risk harm from sections of your home collapsing. We operate quickly to inspect the source, restore as much as possible, anticipate problem areas, and prevent black mold. When you have an emergency or suspect a leak, call Complete Restoration Services 24/7/365 for water damage restoration services in Nampa, Idaho.

Disaster Repair & Restoration

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