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In 2017 water damage, and mold resulting from it, cost insurance companies 13 billion dollars. This goes to show, even seemingly small water leaks can lead to large underlying issues. If not addressed promptly, leaks can cause expensive damage, and mold can pose severe health risks. When it comes to water damage and remediation in Emmett, Idaho, our team at Complete Restoration Services is ready to help 24/7.

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Signs of Water Damage

  • Wet spots and discoloration occurring on the interior or exterior are signs that water may be pooling.
  • Drywall expansion and floorboard warping are clues that water is allowed to soak part of the wood, causing it to expand while the rest of it stays dry.
  • The pooling of water or the formation of puddles is a more obvious indication that there is a leak nearby.
  • A musty, moldy, or damp smell in a home or business area can indicate a persistent leak.
  • Seeing an unexplained increase in the monthly water bill is another reliable method for discovering a water leak.
  • Experiencing an unexplained rise in humidity or a feeling of dampness in the air can also provide a clue to a water leak issue.
  • Hearing water running or dripping when you are not intentionally running water is another concern.

What to Do in Case of a Water Leak

It is essential to be aware of a water leak signs and act quickly to prevent extensive water damage. The earlier the problem is discovered and remediated, the easier and less expensive it will be. With time, unnoticed water damage tends to spread and increase the risk of developing mold. Once the general area of the leak has been identified, the power in that area should be turned off to prevent any issues and avoid potential dangers. If the source of the leak can be safely found and shut off, do so. Call Emmett, Idaho's water damage specialist, Complete Restoration Services, 24/7 at (208) 794-9073 to help solve the problem.

Our expert water damage team will start remediation as soon as possible. Depending on the leak's severity, we use the following methods to help control damage to the affected area:

  • Truck mounted extractors to remove excess water.
  • Dehumidifiers to dry the area.
  • Water pumps to remove standing water.
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Emmett, Idaho's Water Damage Restoration Professionals

When it comes to correctly identifying the source and severity of water damage, remediation, and repair, it's best to leave it to our professionals. With years of experience and the right equipment, our water damage restoration team will assess the damage's extent and respond with a fast solution to save you from further damage.

Complete Restoration Services is Emmett, Idaho's most trusted water damage restoration team. We are locally owned and operated and travel throughout the Treasure Valley. When you work with us, you work directly with the owners. Our mission is to ensure that you are satisfied with every aspect of our service, from clean up to rebuild. Therefore, we offer full-service restoration from start to finish. We not only restore damage to your property caused by water, but we can also help you professionally clean items of value, steam furniture, and store items until you are ready for them again. Submit a contact form or call (208) 794-9073 to get started

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