If you're traveling for Christmas, take measures to prevent freezing pipes. Leave your heat on while you're away. Insulate your exposed pipes. Open cabinet doors below sinks so warm air can circulate there. Turn the water off at the main supply valve. Allow your faucet to drip slowly so that the water drains out of the pipes. Finally, have someone you trust check on your home while you're away.
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For ten years, Complete Restoration Services has made a difference in the lives of home and business owners alike. It is all too easy to be faced with the devastation of loss and feel overwhelmed, but at Complete Restoration Services it is our duty to provide the people with a gift of hope in the form of quality service. As the #1 recommended restoration company in Treasure Valley, hope is our business.
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No one ever expects they will be faced with damage to their homes from fire or water damage, but it happens somewhere every single day. And the first thing you do? You contact your insurance company for help in handling the situation. After all, you expect you can trust your agent, as you have faithfully paid your homeowner’s insurance bill on time since the day you purchased your home.
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No one ever plans to have substantial damage to their home or business. However, when unfortunate and devastating events happen unexpectedly they can be costly. Generally, it is not a matter of if, but when the damage happens that determines the level of repair needed. Proactively planning for emergency situations like mold, fire, water, and other kinds of damage can also make a great impact on how much repair is needed.
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A fire can do a lot of harm both emotionally and financially. In fact, the damages are often very devastating. It might be tempting to cut costs by doing the restoration yourself, but it is highly discouraged by most specialists.
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