Commercial Water Damage Restoration Caldwell

Commercial Water Damage Restoration
in Caldwell, Idaho

You've invested a great deal of time and money into your commercial property, hoping for a good return. Depending on your business, or the types of businesses you lease to, you may be at risk of dealing with water damage. Leaks, floods, and other issues can literally wash your profits away and severely damage your business. If you are in need of commercial water damage restoration in Caldwell, Idaho, call Complete Restoration Services. We can help dry, repair, and restore your business building to get you operating again in no time. 

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Signs of Water Damage in Caldwell, Idaho Commercial Buildings

Some of the most common signs of water damage that we find in commercial buildings in Caldwell, Idaho, are:

  • water dripping down walls and wet ceilings
  • puddles forming in low spots on the floor
  • rust water stains on ceiling tiles and walls
  • foggy windows can all also indicate excess moisture.

It's also common for the space to have a musty odor, which is sure that mold and mildew have begun to grow due to high humidity and moisture. 

Water Damage Repair in Boise | Complete Restoration Services

Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

It's not hard to spot the signs of water damage in a commercial building, but it can be challenging to track down the source of the water. Our technicians are highly experienced, and we can find even the most unexpected sources of water and moisture quickly. Just a few of the water problems we see include:

  • Leaking Appliances — Dishwashers, refrigerators, ice machines, water heaters, water softeners, washing machines, and other water appliances can cause severe water damage.
  • Roof Leaks — A roof with missing shingles, holes or weak spots can't protect the inside from rain, snow, and moisture build-up, which ultimately damages the structure of the building.
  • Rain, Snow, and Floods — Heavy rains in the spring and summer and snowmelt can cause Indian Creek to flood, sending water flowing into your building.
  • Plumbing Problems — Pipe leaks, burst pipes, overflowing sinks or toilets, and other plumbing issues account for many cases of commercial water damage.
  • After Fire Clean Up — Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and fires are common in commercial buildings. We clean up all the water and repair the damage after these types of events.

Professional Commercial Water Damage Restoration

If you've suffered from any of the events listed above due to commercial water damage, don't hesitate to contact us at Complete Restoration Services right away. We'll send someone over as quickly as possible to evaluate your situation so that we can begin the water damage and remediation process. You can rest assured that we are licensed, insured, and experienced in all types of commercial water restoration. We'll get your business back up and running fast. 

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