Fire Damage Restoration Eagle

Fire Damage Restoration
in Eagle, Idaho

Unfortunately, many people will deal with fire damage at some point in their lives. A fire breakout either in your Eagle business or Eagle home generates many issues you can never fully be equipped to deal with alone. Apart from the potential physical and psychological trauma, you will likely find it difficult to know where to start piecing back together what you’d spent a lifetime building. Lacking the necessary safety, cleaning, rebuilding knowledge as well as a clear positive mindset to go about damage control and restoration means you’d be wise to hire a professional restoration company. Fortunately, Complete Restoration Services in Eagle offers expertise in all these areas to aid you in salvaging your life during this critical moment.

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Why Choose Complete Restoration Services in Eagle for Professional Fire Damage Restoration?

Why Choose Complete Restoration Services in Eagle for Professional Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire damage restoration is an arduous task that should only be tackled by professionals. This is because:

  • The aftermath of a fire is not only a charred mess, but it can also include water damage and structural damage necessitated by firefighters to controlled and assure a fire is extinguished.
  • Fire-retardant chemicals, soot and smoke damage permeate the area and can create toxicity that must be handled with care to prevent health issues.
  • Professionals can maximize salvaging your belongings and prevent further damage.

Complete Restoration Services in Eagle will not only help you clean the fire damage to remove toxins but will also carefully handle your belongings and finish the job fast.

What are the steps you should take immediately after a fire breakout?

What are the steps you should take immediately after a fire breakout?

  • Safely evacuate
  • Call emergency service
  • Do not re-enter the area
  • Call Complete Restoration Services

Fire Damage Restoration Services Offered By Complete Restoration Services
In Eagle, Idaho

When you enlist the services of a fire damage restoration company such as complete restoration services in boise idaho, you will get services such as:

We use a content tracking system to account for all your possessions as they are salvaged and packed. Additionally, we will work with your insurance to get the estimates needed to restore order in your life. Your belongings will then be taken to our warehouse for further processing as your house gets restored.

Complete Restoration Services offers a detailed cleaning system that thoroughly but carefully restores your belongings using an ultrasonic process. During this step, your belongings as well as the premises are cleared of soot and any moisture that they might have. A secondary test for damage or odor is carried out before they are repacked and stored in secure vaults.

As your possessions are being salvaged by the CRS content crew, our structure crew works on the remediation process. This involves removing all affected structures and materials. They can clean and preserve anything that is not beyond repair. The entire structure is deodorized and boarded up as it awaits repairs.

When your Eagle house has been prepared for repairs, we consult you for ideas you have in mind for restoration. Once you have selected your Eagle home’s new look, our repair crew will begin reconstructing your home. After completion, your belongings are returned.

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What is Complete Restoration Services Fire Damage Restoration Process?

What is Complete Restoration Services Fire Damage Restoration Process?

Once the fire services are done controlling the fire, our experts carefully and efficiently inspect the site for damage. They will classify the damage according to the cause i.e. fire, water, chemicals, and smoke. After determining the type and level of damage, we shall create a custom detailed report and generate a restoration plan. We will work with you closely throughout the restoration process. Your insight is, of course, given priority.
Cleaning Out Odors
Large industrial fans will be brought to eliminate smoke and odors from the site. Smoke is corrosive and may cause further damage to your possessions and so it is imperative to eliminate it first.
Residue Removal
This will involve removing soot from the entire structure as well as removing wet carpets to discourage mold growth. This process takes time to assure your Eagle home or Eagle business is 100% soot-free.
Protect undamaged sections
There may be parts of your Eagle property that were not affected by the fire. The restoration team will seal off these areas to avoid damage from smoke, soot, and odors. Items in these areas will be moved to a storage facility through inventory and packing to ensure their well-being and safety.
After disaster control, the next step will be to repair, replace, and repaint the affected areas. The items damaged beyond repair shall be filed in an inventory which we will follow up with your insurers. Belongings that can be cleaned are restored.

Eagle, Idaho

The beautiful city of Eagle, Idaho lies nestled deep in the gorgeous Boise Foothills. This family-oriented community is home to many of the Boise Foothills natural treasures, including the Boise River, and hiking trails into the rich wonderland that is the Foothills.

Located in Ada County, Eagle Idaho was founded in 1864 by the Idaho Territorial Legislature. Ada County owes its name to Ada Riggs, the first child born in the area. Her father, HC Riggs, is the co-founder of Boise, Idaho. There is a long-established history in Eagle that draws people in.

As such, Eagle boasts a thriving tourist area, made even more spectacular by its mild climate. There are, on average, only 48 days out of the year that Eagle gets any form of precipitation, and that’s mostly during the winter months. Low humidity mixed in with the arid summer temperatures does allow for conditions to be ripe for a rash of fires across the area.

The Eagle Fire department is staffed with 47 career firefighters all serving a residential pool of about 34,000 people. Wildfires tend to be prevalent in the general vicinity of Eagle, whether by the lightning storms that get caught against the Boise Foothills, human error, or just plain bad timing. The dry atmosphere, aided by the low precipitation and humidity, dry the underbrush enough to become kindling for any wildfire to feed on. This leads to the endangerment of home and property, which the Eagle Fire Department combats with Community Risk Reduction and Fire Prevention and Education courses at local Elementary schools. Eagle Fire Department takes its community role seriously in protecting its citizens.

Why Complete Restoration Services?

Why Complete Restoration Services?

  • We will handle everything – from setting you up with a temporary place to live in, to dealing with the insurance company, to salvaging and restoring your property.
  • We work hard to keep you updated at every stage of the process.
  • Complete Restoration Services takes care of coordination with your insurance provider, so you can focus on what is most important.
  • Our technicians are fully licensed and insured experts.
  • CRS is locally-owned and family run.
  • We are the top recommended restoration company in Eagle by insurers and past clients.
  • Our company understands that following a disaster, you cannot possibly wait for anyone to schedule an appropriate time to come to your aid. We are at your beck and call 24/7 and will respond immediately. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure that we can respond to our customers in Eagle exactly when they need it.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with damage in your home, consider calling our certified Eagle specialists at Complete Restoration Services. We offer immediate dispatch 24/7 at (208) 794-9073 to help with a variety of issues including: water, fire, content, mold sewage, crawl space, smoke, odor, storm, and biohazard. Contact emergency services if injury has occurred.

CRS related services and 24/7 emergency hotline

In the case that your concerns extend beyond water and flood damage, Complete Restoration Services also offers services to treat fire, smoke, content, wind and storm damage. Whatever the issues affecting your Eagle home, you are well covered with Complete Restoration Services.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with water damage in your home, consider calling our certified Eagle specialists at complete restoration services.

We offer immediate dispatch 24/7 at (208) 794-9073. Contact emergency services if injury has occurred.

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