Nampa Commercial Water Damage

Unattended water leaks can cause substantial damage to your property. Water damage can result from various causes ranging from storms to leaking appliances and structural problems in the roof. Water damage poses a risk to commercial property owners in Nampa, Idaho, because it can reduce the attractiveness and value of your property.

Common Causes of Water Damage

It's essential to understand these major causes of water damage in Nampa, Idaho, so that you can prevent them or keep them in check:

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Nampa Idaho

Appliance Leaks

Appliances in commercial properties are prone to heavy usage, so there is always a risk of damage leading to water leaks. The leaks can be caused by defective valves or broken and disconnected water pipes. Most appliance leaks are small seepages that pool on the floor and are hard to detect. Some of the common appliance leaks include:

  • Dishwasher leak
  • Refrigerator water line leak
  • Water heater leak 
  • Washing machine leak at a restaurant

Natural Disasters

Nampa experiences severe storms, some of which cause flooding, especially on properties on low ground. Flash floods can also cause water to leak into commercial properties. And for those properties near the Boise River, there is always a risk of flooding when tropical storms make landfall. Storm flooding may require you to hire professionals with equipment to remove large amounts of water from your property.

Nampa Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Roof Leaks

Damaged or displaced shingles can cause roof leaks during storms. Sometimes heavy snowfall causes parts of the roof to cave in, leading to water flooding. Meanwhile, ice dams can cause water to leak into your commercial property. Roof leaks are a serious safety hazard that requires professional handling to correct the problem.

Fire Alarm Sprinklers

Fire alarm sprinklers are valuable safety equipment but can cause extensive flooding when triggered by false alarms or minor incidents. The pipes can also become damaged or develop small leaks that cause water damage.

Forgetting to Turn the Water Off

Due to the high number of people using facilities in commercial properties, there is always a risk that someone will forget to turn off the faucets. Sometimes the cleaners may leave the hose running water on the floor. The flooding can be extensive, especially if the taps keep running overnight or during the weekend. Such water may require professionals with commercial equipment to remove it.

Who To Call for Water Damage in Nampa, Idaho?

If you find water damage in your commercial property, call our professional 24/7 Restoration Service in Nampa, Idaho. We will inspect to discover the source. Our Commercial Water Damage Restoration experts have the experience and equipment needed to collect the problem and repair the damage as soon as possible.

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